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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem 

Salams and welcome to my accessories store! This is the official Hijab Revival store where you get to buy 100% handmade accessories which are all crafted by me.
I decided to make accessories that are on trend and make a statement no matter what you wear it with. I have used only quality pieces such as glass/crystal beads, soft felt, silver and gold tone chains, batik fabric along with a multitude of other resources.
Most of these items are completely one off which means once it is sold you will not be able to purchase the same thing again. I will be updating the store as I produce the pieces so keep a lookout for new things. 

~ Please note that everything is hand made so little quirks are to be expected!

~ Please share these images with full credits to Hijab Revival. Jazaks!
~ Prices Do Not include shipping costs. This will be calculated according to location inshallah.
~ Prices are marked based on materials used and time spent producing the item. You will be receiving a one of a kind accessory so bear that in mind when purchasing.

If you are interested in any of the items please email me at with the subject line accessories or HR shop so it doesn't go to my junk mail.
Remember first in best dressed!

Piece 1 ~ Navy seal $35.00 AU (SOLD)
A 1920's inspired shoulder accessory that can be worn over almost anything. Add jazz to a plain black dress or dress up a crisp white shirt with this navy and gold stunner. Everything you see has been hand sewn together. 

Please note that the gold button has been removed due to functionality purposes.

Piece 2 ~ True Flapper $45AU (SOLD)

This piece was a labour of love. Red glass and black acrylic beads were individually hand sewn onto black trimming. The harness chain is cleverly weighed down with a gorgeous gold and red glass pendent. This beauty should be reserved for a special occasion where you want to add WOW to your ensemble. 

Piece 3 ~ Simple Elegance $20AU (SOLD)
This is a very simple design made for a more toned down look. Black crochet is embelished with gold chains that loop over your shoulders as well as black beads that hang down over your upper arms. This piece looks super stylish over a plain blouse and can even be worn during the day to add interest to your look. 

Piece 4 ~ Batik Peplum belt/Cape $45AU

This belt/cape is made of a gorgeous raspberry toned batik fabric. Lined with soft felt it also features bells and beading scattered all over the multi purpose creation. It closes with a cute thin strip of black ribbon. Sized small.

Piece 5 ~ Red Ringer $35AU (SOLD)
This statement necklace was made in response to recent D&G inspiration. Pompoms and deep reds were all the rage on the catwalk so I tried to emulate that with tiny ruby red pompoms,miniature gold and red metal flowers, mustard and red beads and a single red glass jewel hanging at the centre. Wear over absolutely anything whether it be plain or patterned. 

Piece 6 ~ Tribal $70AU
This African inspired neck piece is a super statement. Featuring intricate beading and iridescent feathers, once you wear this piece you will never want to take it off again! Backed with soft black felt it can be worn high up or lower over your chest. Keep the rest of your outfit simple as this neck piece is more then enough to make any ensemble shine.

Piece 7 ~ Tribal 2 $45AU (SOLD)

Again inspired by traditional African jewellery this is a more toned down version of the the original Tribal. Gorgeous turquoise, brown and beige beads are surrounded with cream fringing giving it a soft lion like mane. 

Piece 8 ~ Silver Shimmy Shake $50AU (SOLD)

Here 1920's flapper meets modern rock chick. Super long fringing makes this piece stand out from the crowd and the silver beading adds glitz and glamour like no other. Backed with soft black felt it can be worn high up or lower down over your chest to create two different looks. 

Piece 9 ~ Lace Lover $20AU (SOLD OUT)

Gorgeous black lace will embellish any outfit in all the right ways. Whilst the front resembles the elegance of early Victorian glamour, the back is something completely different. Thin silver chains create a harness that ends with two silver charms. Wear this with anything that is plain so that the black lace shines. 

Piece 10 ~ Silk and Ice $25AU

This cute hand made brooch is made of 100% hand painted silk in a gorgeous peach tone, and embellished with ice cube iridescent beads. Designed to be worn either hanging straight down or draped over your chest, you can create two looks to suit what ever mood you are in. Backed with black felt and a crocodile clip. 
Note: To create the draped look you will need to use a pin on the fabric end.

Piece 11 ~ 1920's $30AU

This necklace/shoulder epaulette/hijab accessory is the jack of all trades. You can wear this in whatever way you like and it will always look gorgeous. Made with a mixture of vintage and contemporary materials. 

Piece 12 ~ The Blue Wave $35 (SOLD)
The Blue Wave is a modern take on 1950's glamour. Its shade is a gorgeous royal blue. It is business in the front but with an exotic twist at the back! Wow everyone with this stunning one of a kind piece. 

Piece 13 ~ B&W $35
This seasons IT colours are black and white which is where my inspiration came for the beading and feathers for this piece. It featured gorgeous black, white and silver beads and sequins which are teamed with short white feathers for added frill and glamour. 

Piece 14 ~ Seed $35 AU

Bedazzled with thousands of bronze seed beads and decked out in iridescent feathers, I believe this elegant neck piece will outshine any necklace you own already. Wear it with a plain dress or go really authentic and wear it with bright colourful clothing! Go wild with this wild piece!


  1. may i know the price of Lace Lover- Piece9?

  2. Salams dyna! I will be posting the prices above today inshallah!

  3. Subhanallah,,, u r so creative... and I really adore those accesorries,,,,,

    Sweet Smile from Indonesia :)

  4. WOW you are truly talented MashaAllah! These pieces are stunning!

  5. Thank you so much sweetescape and haute muslimah! It's a hobby I have taken to the next level. We will see how everything goes inshallah! :)

  6. I am impressed :)

  7. Simply gorgeous!! Just wondering when you will be getting peice #9 lace lover, in stock again? Also do you make to order? In which case how long do you think delivery will take if im brisbane based?

  8. Salams Anon! I did make another two a few days ago but they have sold out already! If you have Instagram add me @hijabrevival to view the latest creations first. I can make to order depending on which one you want. Email me at


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