Established in 2009, Hijab Revival has grown to be one of the most sought out Australian Muslim fashion blogs internationally. Seyma, the editor and founder of Hijab Revival, recognized the need to represent and spread the word about the modest fashion scene in Australia.  With a global social media reach of over 60K followers and unique readers, Seyma has established herself as one of Australia’s most respected modest fashion commentator.

Along with modest fashion, Hijab Revival also reviews beauty and events held in and around Melbourne. Seyma recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between Muslims and the non-Muslims in Australia and endeavors to do this through discourse and open dialog through her blog.

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Here is the fine print..

1)Please remember that this is MY personal blog about MY personal taste in fashion and personal opinions. I am in no way advocating any particular style so if you do not agree with the way I dress, if you disagree with some of the things I may write or if you are unsure about anything then please refrain from visiting this blog to stop any further confusion. May Allah give us all the strength to better ourselves and our Iman. Amin.

2)Images stamped with the Hijab Revival logo are protected by copyright and may not be used without written permission of the author. Anyone found using these images will be contacted. Thankyou