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Monday, February 15, 2016

Salam Everyone!
Yes I am back with another Wudu friendly nail polish alternative for you all! I have stated before that I love nail polish and really enjoy wearing it during that time of the month however why not wear it anytime? Insert S "N" B wash off nail polish. Safe "N" Beautiful nail polish is unique as it is made of completely water based ingredients and is water permeable, breathable and is washed off with you guessed it WATER!
This all natural product was created by mummy of two Jeanette Sklivanou so that her children could enjoy non toxic nail polish that is washed off with soap and water as opposed to harsh nail polish remover.
Here is what the company has to say about their products:
100% European-made: our kids nail polish satisfies the strictest cosmetics laws in the world
Non-toxic: no chemical substances in our natural children’s nail polish
Completely water based: simply wash off with soap and water — no harsh nail polish remover required
Packaged lead-free: only pure Italian glass bottles — custom designed for kids — bear our nail polish
Stain free: forget colourful blemishes on clothes, carpet or floors. SNAILS safe-nails Kids nail polish is entirely soluble, so it will wash off easily.
Overall I have to admit I really enjoyed my little taste of S "N" B nail polishes. They did exactly what they promised - Great colour payoff, non offensive scent, and the ultimate promise water removability.
Note for ultimate staying power apply the top coat from the range and your nail polish will last a couple of days. But be warned, the top coat literally locks in your polish and removal is a bit harder. I found the use of a wash cloth or sponge a good option in removal.

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