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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I was recently asked a question about storage tips in the wardrobe on one of my Instagram posts but to be completely honest I need help in that area too. But this question gave me the idea to write about my shopping strategies and the general rules I follow when it comes to putting together an outfit.

1) Fast fashion or Designer?
I am a huge fan of designer clothing as they are well made and unique and I love to splurge occasionally. But having said that I am also a huge fan of cheap fast fashion as it is easily accessible, fun and of course very affordable. I approach fashion with an open mind and judge everything I buy based on the craftsmanship and fabric. I have bought many "cheap" items of clothing that have lasted me years because of the way it was made and it's great quality fabric. I love mixing and matching my clothing in terms of cost, I will balance out an expensive piece with a more affordable one just to give it a more laid back air. 


2) Accessories?
This one is simple - buy excellent quality bags, shoes and jewellery and it will instantly make your whole outfit look better. Yes this is an old rule but it still applies today. If you stick to buying only excellent quality accessories I guarantee you will always look chic. Things I love to splurge on are leather bags and shoes, and a few key pieces of jewellery in gold or silver that I rotate and wear weekly. 
Yes it is true that I also like to buy affordable accessories here and there when the mood hits me but nothing beats the feeling a good handbag and shoe.


3) Style?
I generally don't stick to one style. Some people may think its mad but let me explain. I love fashion. Not love but LOVE and I simply cannot limit myself to one colour palette, one cut or one look. To me life it way too short to worry about what category my look falls under. If I like it I will wear it. Simple. Don't worry if it's from a cheap store, or if it's too bright, if it's vintage, if it's too dull, too old school. Who cares? Instead think about how it makes you feel, if it suits your body and whether you will wear it again. These are the only things you should question before buying the piece. 

Outfit details:
Dress: Valleygirl
Bag: Vintage leather cross body
Shoes: Witchery
Jewellery: Mix of Pandora and custom made. 

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