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Thursday, December 24, 2015

I often get asked about my stying techniques and how I choose clothing that suit my shape and still fit in with my general "look". Sometimes you need to tweak a little bit of this and a little bit of that in order for it to look good. But then there are some piece that are just classic and work no matter what style ethos you follow. 
Insert My Ghaania 3 Piece Travelling Edition in Smokey Pulp. This three piece set was designed to work in harmony with each other. Made of moss crepe in has a lovely stretch to it so comfort is guarantied. You look super classy and put together but feel like you are wearing the most comfortable home clothes. This ensemble has no zips so the waistband is elasticated and is worn by simply popping it on and you are ready to go. 

I have paired this look with the My Ghaania Coco Shawl in Shark Blue to offset the lovely petrol blue shade of the set. This hijab is made of Japanese chiffon and has the most gorgeous My Ghaania charm attached to it. Plus if you are a sucker for cute packaging this hijab actually comes posted in its own customized box.

Make sure you visit  My Ghaania on InstagramFB, and their website to peruse and possibly buy the most comfortable chic outfit you will ever own. 

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  1. Mashaallah, that looks really nice! Simply but chic <3 (y)



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