Halal Nail Polish?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Salam Everyone!
Inshallah you have all been well.
Today I want to talk about something that I have thought about on more than one occasion. Halal nail polish. Yes you heard right halal nail polish! You probably didn't think you would hear those two words side by side as it is common knowledge that your wudu is not accepted whilst wearing nail polish.
I have always loved a good lick of gorgeous shiny polish and love to wear it when I can (ahem ahem that time of month!) as it makes me feel utterly feminine however wearing it all the time is simply not an option for me due to prayer.

Here is what Splash Cosmetics has to say about their products:
"Life is too short to not get noticed, that's why, here at splash, we offer the best cosmetics that are better for you. 
We source only the best products, that don't contain any harmful ingredients but don't compromise on quality either.  
Our nail polish from Tuesday in love, is made from a unique colour polymer compound that allows water molecules to penetrate through the micro pores. Water and moisture can flow through to the nail bed creating a healthier, more breathable nail polish." 
 So when I received an email from Amany from Splash Cosmetics  to review a few of their products I was over the moon to finally be able to try the Tuesday In Love water permeable nail polishes. When I first applied the nail polish the first thought that came to mind was WOW as the colour was opaque and only needed the one coat for perfect colour payoff. I also noticed that the texture of the varnish was almost mousse like and very thick. It is nothing like a regular nail polish and goes on very smooth. So after I applied the polish and let it dry I was thinking about how this polish is water permeable and how I could test this theory. I soon realised that the proof was right there in front of me as I felt my nails I really gave them a good scratch. I was basically trying to sabotage all my hard work to see the difference between this polish and regular polish. Not long after digging my nails into the polish did I start seeing it peel off. I literally peeled the polish right off my nail. You might think I am insane but I actually really think this is the best idea for Muslim women. You can wear polish any time and not worry about the hassle of removing it for wudu when you can simply peel it off in seconds.

I was also sent an eyeshadow palette and lipstick from Splash Cosmetics which I have road tested for quality and longevity of wear. The palette is called Baby's Got Blue Eyes and is a mixture of blues and brown to create a luscious smoky eye. I have brown eyes and find that dark blue shades really bring them out which is why I chose this palette. The pigmentation is quite good and is similar to Prestige eyeshadows (which are around $18 per shadow!) The Splash Cosmetics palette costs $26 for 5 shadows.
They blend like a dream and feel buttery soft when swatched.  

The lipstick I chose to review is in the shade Bora Bora which is a bright true red with a blue undertone in a moisturising creamy finish. As you can see in the picture it is very pigmented and applies smooth for
a full colour payoff.


Overall I am very impressed with all the products sent but my favourite has to be the water permeable nail varnishes. Such a fantastic product for Muslim women who love to wear polish.

You can follow Splash Cosmetics via FB , Instagram or simply stalk their website for gorgeous cosmetics!

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