Inayah Collection - BLACK Edition

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Salam ladies.
As promised here is the second part of the Inayah Collection series, this time featuring this gorgeous Black Maxi Kimono.
If you are a long time follower of mine then you probably know that I have always loved maxi jackets, maxi cardigans, maxi blazers - basically all types of maxi outerwear. My favourite thing about them is the fact that you can literally throw it over anything and instantly turn it into a modest outfit. It is the ultimate butt-cover and the epitome  of chic.
This particular maxi outerwear is reminiscent of the Kimonos of Japan. With its voluminous sleeves, wide self-tie belt and gentle drapes it gives the ordinary abaya an exotic oriental twist.
As always the quality of this Inayah piece is at its usual excellent standards and I honestly have nothing to say about it other then it is fast becoming one of my go-to pieces in my wardrobe. 
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Photographs: BB Photography @bbphotofilms


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