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Sunday, November 22, 2015

I recently did a tiny bit of promotional work with the Sydney based company Hijab House in which I styled a few of their pieces. It was quite an enlightening experience as I had never before worked with them or even seen their collection in person so I was intrigued to say the least.

When they asked me to choose some items for the promo feature I actually wanted only one skirt that caught my eye and that looked versatile in terms of styling. When the package arrived I opened it to see they had filled it with a few other items which is always a pleasant surprise.
I will split this feature into two segments so watch this space to see the second part of this collaboration.

The first thing I looked at was the workmanship of the pieces. I was pretty happy with the cut, fit and design of each piece. You can definitely tell a lot of thought goes into each design.

The Ofelia Wrap Skirt is probably one of the prettiest skirts I own. It is a wrap style skirt that is actually created so that the wrap is pre sewn into place which means it is as easy as simply popping it on and you are ready to go. It features an elastic waist (yay), asymmetrical hemline and wait for it. POCKETS! Yes pockets which is one of my most favourite things in a skirt. Hooray for hand holders!
They sent along the White Ribbed Polo Top to go with the Ofelia skirt and you can see it in the pictures down below for a full idea on how it looks and sits.

So sit back and enjoy part one of this feature and please click on the links above to take you directly to the Hijab House items I  mention in this post.

This hijab house hijab is in the shade Dove and is a super soft chiffon hijab.

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