Inayah Collection - WHITE Edition

Saturday, October 24, 2015

There is something so ethereal about white and soft dusty pink. It seems I am drawn to this colour combination and keep going back to it. The soft pink seems to take away the stark quality of the white and the white adds a touch of class to the pink. A match made in heaven.

Here I am wearing the Inayah Collection White Long Crepe Dress and the Dusty Pink Georgette Hijab. I styled the dress with a pair of white skinny jeans and nude pumps to really streamline the whole look. I think this dress would also look good with a pair of white peg-legs and strappy leather flats for a more daytime appropriate look.


I just love the way the dress feels and sits on the body and I chose this particular dress as I do not have anything like it in my wardrobe so this is a happy new addition.
This dress is lined all the way down to the bottom so you will not need to wear anything underneath it. It is a generous cut as I am wearing the size medium here (I normally go for a large to avoid any clinginess) but as you can see it is a perfect fit.

As usual as I have stated in all my previous Inayah posts their quality and designs are absolutely top notch and on par with many high end designer clothing. You simply cannot question their craftsmanship.

Make sure to visit Inayah Collection on all social platforms as well as their website to see what new goodies they have in store! Click the following to go directly - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Finally I want to give a huge shout out to BB Photo and Films for taking these awesome photos for me. Her work ethics and attention to detail are simply the best. As she is another hijabi like myself she made me feel so comfortable and was open to all suggestions. I simply loved working with her. Please go and follow her on all her social media sites - Instagram  and Facebook



  1. Really beautiful, mashaallah! I <3 <3 the combination of white and dusty pink, especially when worn with golden accessories. <3 :D

    Salams from England,

  2. Summery & light, very beautiful :)


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