Classic Touch by Amalina Aman

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

There's something so haunting and lovely about a flowy dark hued kaftan. I don't know whether it is the colour or the way it sits and moves so fluidly that makes me think this but either way I simply love them. 

This deep berry kaftan was created by the Australian designer Amalina Aman and is called the Aztec Boho Kaftan. It features very pretty beading along the shoulders, neckline and right beneath the bust. The front and back of the kaftan is adorned with tiny pleats and both the neckline and sleeves are bordered with a gorgeous print that differs from the rest of the kaftan. 

This kaftan is perfect for any occasion, you can wear it formally or even casually as it all depends on how you accessories it. I simply wore a black body con top underneath and neautral flats to keep this particular look simple and casual. If I wanted to wear this to a more formal setting then I would swap the flats for strappy heels and a black silk shawl hijab. Simply gorgeous!

I took a lot of pictures to capture the true essence of this kaftan so that you too can see how utterly lovely it is. Inshallah you enjoy!

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The Aztec print on this Kaftan is subtle but very pretty! I adored the chiffon georgette fabric as so as I felt it.

You can clearly see the pleating along the back of the kaftan to give it more shape and structure. 


  1. Salam Aleikum, congrats! I really loved it! You have a lovely muslimah style!

  2. as salaam u alaikum. watch Soubia bhat on youtube.. a hijabi sister new to youtube. she is an amazing young energy who needs our support.


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