Sea of Herbs - Skincare Review

Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's been a while since I featured anything beauty and health related so I thought it was high time I remedied that problem.
I was sent this small but comprehensive skincare regime by the company Sea of Herbs about a month ago which I have been road testing for the whole time to really give my honest review. 
I was sent a bar of Milk & Oats soap, a 30ml dropper vial of Vitamin Face Oil and a tub of Firming Pomegranate Cream. These were all chosen in conjunction with each other and tailored to my skincare needs as I communicated my current skin concerns with the company and they recommended these products. 

How I used these products:

Milk and Oats soap
I started by washing my face with the Milk and Oats soap to ensure a clean base. The beauty of this soap is that it also exfoliates mainly due to the oat bits within the bar (see pictures).
The soap creates a nice gentle milky lather though it is not too bubbly to cause concern (more suds usually means more chemicals). I really enjoyed this mild bar and used it at the end of my makeup removal regime. Once I had removed the majority of my makeup I used the soap as the last cleansing step. I tested its ability to cleanse with a cotton ball soaked in toner to see if there was any remaining makeup on my face but my face was squeaky clean!

Vitamin Face Oil:
Next step I would spread the Vitamin Face Oil all over my face and neck to deeply moisturise my skin. This oil is a mixture of vitamins A, C, D and E which makes it a multi-use multi-purpose oil. Each vitamin tackles a different area of skincare so you are resell getting a fabulous product. This product was my absolute favourite from the entire range as I have dry skin and find oils are the most effective in combatting that. It is recommended to use only a few drops of this oil but I would use probably 5 drops per night and really worked it into my face and neck. Massaging this amber coloured oil into my skin would give me this beautiful after glow that only a really rich oil will give. 

Firming Pomegranate Cream:
This is the final step of the regime and was kind of the icing on the cake. After I massaged my face and neck with the rich oil I would gently pat this light cream over my skin without overworking it so that I had a film of cream sitting over my face. The reason I did this was to create a mask like effect. I have been doing this for years to soften my flakey skin and it really works. The cream would really do wonders for my skin as I slept and I would wake to baby soft skin. 

Additional step:
Once every few days I would include this additional step to really deeply hydrate my skin. Basically what you do is scoop a small amount of cream into the palm of your hand and then squirt a few drops of the oil on top of it. Then you need to mix these two together to create a super emollient super rich face cream. Apply this all over your face making sure you massage it in. Works an absolute treat!

Overall opinion.
I genuinely think this skincare line worked well with my skin. I experienced no breakouts and found my skin to be soft and supple after using them. I really made sure I used these products daily so that I can give you my honest opinion. I really wouldn't mess around with something as sensitive as skincare so you know I am being 100% truthful with you. 
If you would like more information I would recommend emailing the company as their customer service is excellent and they can guide you towards the right products to cater to your needs inshallah. 

Make sure to go and check out their websiteFBInstagram as well as YouTube!


  1. Seems nice :)
    Maria V.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! You did a wonderful job in sharing your routine. We're glad the products worked so well for you sis.


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