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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Salam ladies! 
I have something new and fresh for your viewing pleasure. This time in the form of  a trio of fabulous instant hijabs. We all remember those instant hijabs (or "pop-on hijabs" as I like to call them) that were not too stylish and frankly a little weird looking. These little Bokitta gems are a completely new and improved version of instant hijabs. They come in a variety of styles, lengths and fabric and unlike the traditional instant hijab styles, the Bokitta design actually has the volume sewn in. 

The patented design of these hijabs are made to be used pinless and worn in 10 seconds for ease and  comfort. Each hijab comes with a matching inner or "bone" and is lined with cotton for opaqueness. 

Here I have worn three diffent style to demonstrate how they look on. To be honest these hijabs will go with any outfit so I really did not need to style them. Simply choose your favourite colours and patterns according to your existing wardrobe. 

Each hijab comes packaged indivually and includes a picture tutorial on how to actually wear the hijab. I highly advise you really pay attention to the picture tutorial as it can get a little daunting when trying to figure out how to wear them. As all the layers are sewn together I got a little frazzled trying to work it out but once you get the hang of it everything becomes a breeze. Alternatively you can visit their website and watch an actual tutorial.

Here I am wearing the Nomad - Chic! Plain Chiffon instant hijab. I love the tassel that comes attached to end of the wrapped edge. 

This gorgeous hijab is called the Voila! Printed Chiffon Exclusive - Najma and is absolutely adorable! Bokitta hijabs are made with fabric designed exclusively for them! 

This is the Voila! Maxi Printed Chiffon Exclusive - Jouri Hijab. I am positive this is my absolute fave. The vibrant colours just brighten my life and suits my pale skin. It is also the perfect length and gives good front and back coverage. 

Follow Bokitta via Instagram,  Facebook  or visit their website to order your instant hijab today! Use the code HIJABREVIVAL for a cool 10% off. 
Lucky you..


  1. gracias, después de mi visita a tu blog, me dieron un montón de información útil con suerte para mí ahora y en el futuro.

  2. Hi, please let me know of you would like to sell jouri bokitta. Pls email me

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