kashkha - Citrus Burst

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This Kashkha piece which is a panel style jalabiya reminds me of a juicy blood orange. Its colours as so citrusy and delicious I now refer to the jalabiya as my citrus burst hence the title of my blog post.
Beautiful shades of pink and orange are meshed together through its subtle stripe pattern. You can see splashes of pink here and there but its main colour is a sweet coral orange.
I chose to wear a pink hijab to really lift the pink tones within the kaftan which I think worked well with the overall look. If this look is too OTT for you then you can definitely wear a black or even cream hijab to tone it down.  

I love the way the Kashkha jalabiyas are created to suit the female shape. They really know how to flatter all body types. For me in particular, a little structure always helps to create a more flattering silhouette. I achieved this with this particular jalabiya by tying the strings attached at the back.

The front neckline as well as the entire collar are beaded for added glamour.

As you can see the ties are at the back of the jalabiya.

Yummy citrus goodness. Doesn't this jalabiya just scream summer?

Large voluminous sleeves always feel fantastic, especially when making wudu or even when its hot. The extra air flow through the sleeves help keep you cool.

Go check out Kashskha via their website, instagram and facebook to see their full range.
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