Âme Adornment - Silk Polka Dots

Monday, May 25, 2015

There are a few classics that never really go out of fashion. Red lipstick, sleek black pumps, winged liner and of course the quintessentially classic navy and white polka dots.
There is something so clean and gorgeous about the combination of white and navy that it instantly adds a touch of class to your outfit. 

I was sent this beautiful silk shawl hijab from Âme Adornement and was blown away by its quality. It is the perfect length/width and sits very well around the face as the fabric is spot on and it's edges are sewn well. The hijab is silk though not a flimsy sort of silk rather more like a sturdy chiffon. To be honest I thought I would have to iron the hijab as it travelled to me wrapped in a clear plastic gift bag and a small box but surprisingly I literally pulled it out and popped it on! 

Here I have styled it with a black peg leg jumpsuit, black long-line knit with side splits, black leather boots, black faux fur clutch, black and gold cuff and of course the beautiful Âme hijab. 

Handy hint: To avoid too much ankle exposed wear either black or thick neutral stockings (which I have worn here) they are actually a tan colour but came out as more of a skin tone in the pictures. 

I love how the hijab drapes! I styled it so simply and in a style so the chest are is covered. As you can see there is plenty of fabric to achieve the modesty you want. 

Hijab drapes are just so elegant in my opinion. I love the way it's soft silhouette moves with your movements. 

Each Âme hijab comes with its own label sewn onto it. 

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Go check out Âme via their FBInstagram and website now to purchase some stunning hijabs for this Ramadan and Eid. 


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