Kamilia Shop Melbourne - Vintage Polka

Saturday, April 4, 2015

There is something so feminine and perfect about a 1950's style skirt. It's silhouette and structure is lovely on the female form and looks good on all body shapes. Add to that a gorgeous luxurious shade, scatter a few polka dots and you pretty much have the perfect skirt.

This Kamilia polka maxi skirt is epitome of a 50's classic. White polka dots are set upon a background of royal blue to add that extra pop and it's volume is created by pleating a vast quantity of fabric tucked neatly into a wide waist band. 

This skirt can be worn either with a cute sweater tucked in (or out) or a crisp white or denim shirt to add a casual feel to its extravagant look. Whichever way you decide to style this beauty, it will surely pull together in the most elegant way. 

I decided to pair the blue skirt with a thick grey knit cotton sweater that I tucked in (but I also included a picture of the sweater left out). To add some more colour I styled my favourite Turkish silk shawl in a very simple way, the short end to cover the chest area and the long side wrapped around my neck (the wind and I had some issues getting along that day so my hijab was literally all over the place!) 

This is how the skirt looks with a sweater left out rather then tucked in. I think it still looks cute and a bit more casual in this style.

I kept accessories to a minimum with a gold cuff, and a lovely little white leather sling bag.

Check out Kamilia via InstagramFB and their very own website to purchase your very own version of this skirt! While you are there check out their other lovely designs and unique ensembles. Super chic and super affordable!


  1. Which size is yours? I'd like to know to have a reference in case I want to buy one :) Thanks!

  2. Your style is flawless mashallah! Love it!

  3. I had no idea this shop existed! Do they have an address or is it online only? I love that you paired it with a jumper, super cute ❤️

    1. I think it's only online though they do markets as well. Check out their website for further deets or you can DM the owner via her Instagram page :)

  4. Love this skirt! Give this outfit such a lovely retro look... might try it out, now that I think about it.


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