Tyaaz Collection - Bespoke Batik

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do you love custom made pieces? Have you got a penchant for exotic fabrics and delicious colours? If you have ticked a resounding YES for everything then this post is dedicated to you.

Tyaaz Collection is an Australian owned company with an Asian-Australian fusion design style. It utilises beautiful Batik print fabric and creates gorgeous custom made pieces. I was sent this simply stunning maxi skirt in the almost edible watermelon shade that just screams summer!

I love how the batik print stands out so well against the warm shade of pinky coral. It's elasticised waist makes it easy to wear with its extra give and sits perfectly right on the waist. 

Pair it with a crop denim jacket, silver flats and matching hijab like I have here for the perfect summers day outfit or take it up a notch with a leather biker jacket and silver jewellery. The styling options are limitless. 

With its voluminous folds it's sits very nicely and does not cling at all. 

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  1. Such a gorgeous outfit! I can't wait till summer and spring so that I can't start wearing dresses and sandals again!! Mashallah, beautiful!


    1. Thanks my lovely! And we are just heading into the cooler seasons which i am surprisingly excited for hehe :)

  2. Nice to look at....! Every Muslimah should like the wear. Because Muslim women are always so modest.

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