Insta-update - My latest looks on Instagram

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here is another hijabi OOTD Instagram update for all you chickas who don't have an Instagram account. (My Instagram name is @hijabrevivalofficial or just click on the Instagram link on the sidebar --->)

Btw filmed a summer night out in Melbourne vlog for my YouTube account (you didn't know I have a YouTube account? Well yes I do! Link to my channel on the sidebar -> or alternatively you can click on the tab above that says 'YouTube')
I am editing that as we speak! Xxx


  1. Love ALL these looks! Especially the first look. You're amazing xx

    1. Oh yes! My 90's inspired look :) thank you!

  2. Love the looks with jeans! So feminine and stylish!


  3. you wear the tunic lengths so well. I really like the white shirt dress and jeans, the all black (of course!), and the long coat.

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  5. looks so beautiful,, Love the last photo,

  6. Where can I get this lovely long orange cardigan? Thx


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