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Friday, December 12, 2014

Salam and hello,
I have a super special feature for you today. Why super special? Well once you see the prices of these hijabs you will immediately understand. 
I was recently sent a huge package of hijabs by the generous company Heart Hijab. They stock a massive range of scarves in a multitude of colours (over 40 to choose from), fabrics and finishes. When I was in the process of choosing the hijabs for review purposes I was literally on their website for two days trying to decide.

Heart Hijab prices are very low, possibly the lowest I have seen so far. Maxi hijabs start from £2.90 (that's around $5.50 AU or $4.60 US) and the more luxurious hijabs costs around £5.50 which is still an absolute bargain. 

Heart hijab shipping rates are also very affordable. Here is a list of all shipping options depending on the country you live in:

UK (Next Day*) 1 day Aim Flat Rate. ONLY £1.50UK 
FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £15 3-5 working days
WITHIN EUROPE 5-7 working days ONLY £3.50 - FLAT RATE 
WITHIN EUROPE (FREE) 5-7 working days FREE Delivery over £50
Canada & USA 5-7 working days ONLY £4.99 - FLAT RATE
Canada & USA (FREE) 5-7 working days Free Delivery over £80 (approx $130)
REST OF THE WORLD 5-7 working daysONLY £4.99 - FLAT RATE

As I was sent so many hijabs it became very difficult to capture them in a photoshoot all in one day, so I set myself a challenge to wear one Heart Hijab hijab daily and then shoot an OOTD with the hijab. This was a much easier and achievable goal as I not only loved the everything they sent me I also chose colours that I knew I would wear and suited my clothing. 

Here is the first of many blogposts (and possibly hijab tutorial on my YouTube channel - link tab above) featuring a Heart Hijab product. Inshallah you enjoy!

Here I am wearing the Heart Hijab Sky blue  plain maxi hijab. The colour is delectable and will suit all skin types. LOVE.

This is my go-to hijab style of late. So effortless and easy to achieve within minutes! 

I styled the hijab with my wide leg jumpsuit, a black maxi jacket and plain strappy heels. I think this look is perfect for work or even out lunch with friends. 

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  1. The black dress you wore really complement the sky blue hijab!! Love it!


    1. Hi Sarah! It's actually a jumpsuit but looks like a dress. Thanks for your comment! Xx

  2. I love this website! Thank you so much for introducing it to us! I'm going to place an order right away!

    1. It's awesome! You will be on there for hours! Xx


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