The Stripe Shirt Dress by Inayah

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I have been working with Inayah Collection as an affiliate for a very long time. I know for a fact their clothing are modest, stylish, very well made and original. Every collection they come out with is better than the previous one, not only in terms of style, but also modesty and quality. Everything, right down to their black and gold swing tags are class.

I was sent this beautiful Stripe Shirt Dress (which I chose myself) to style and feature on Hijab Revival. I thought this dress had some versatility to it, its innovative cut, sleek lines and stripe made me think of business meetings and power lunches.
But then I realised it could also be worn casually, to a casual breakfast date or even to the beach for a stroll as its soft cotton is so comfortable.

I requested a size large for my size 12 frame, which worked out perfectly. I usually find it very difficult to buy dresses as I am bottom heavy but this dress's fit was on point.
The dress has a set of handy buttons down the front of the chest and makes it perfect for nursing mothers. It also features a very unique flap at the back to add extra coverage to that area. I also loved the fact that it is lined with the softest dove grey lining.

So here is how I styled the piece, one look is more sleek, with a streamlined hijab style and the other more casual with a mint pop of colour and tassels.  I think with a simple change in scarf, shoes and accessories it can certainly change the entire look of the outfit.

 The hijab worn here is also from Inayah. Click here to go directly to it.

The button up collar allows you to wear short necklaces without revealing and neck. I thought a simple rhinestone necklace would look cute with its soft grey and white tones.

Here I paired the Stripe Shirt Dress with a fun mint green and tassel hijab in a voluminous style, a pair of light wash jeans and neural heels.

A quick thank you to Inayah for also including this absolutely gorgeous gift of halal lollies! As soon as I took these pictures I dug into its sweet and gooey goodness.
Shout out to Adam's Candyland for providing halal lollies and packaging their sweets so beautifully.

Click here to visit Inayah Collection, here to follow them on Instagram, and here for FB.

Disclaimer: My opinions are 100% accurate and truthful and are unaltered. I do not publish features/reviews unless I am completely satisfied with the product.


  1. lovely <3


  2. Love it! Makes me wanna buy it! :O

    1. Do it! Its so hard finding 3/4 length dresses! Am I a bad influence? Hehe

  3. This is so pretty.
    I love how versatile this top is.
    The turquoise scarf looks simply divine!
    Styling is gorgeous as ever!

  4. OH MY that is one beautiful shirt-dress...I love it and want it! Many salaams from NYC.

  5. Great post, I love your purse btw !

  6. I love how you styled it in the second image. it's so effortless and modest! Mashaalah :) but then again...everything looks good on you!


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