Crystal Dream by Daiva

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Have you ever had that one devastating moment when you get home after a perfect night and begin de-pinning your hijab only to realise you have a snagged pin in your absolute favourite hijab? No matter how much you manipulated the pin it simply won't get loose and the tear just gets bigger and bigger.
Fret no more, I have a fabulous solution for you that involves some very strong magnets and beautiful hand set Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Dream by Daiva is a small business of hand made jewellery and hijab magnets that are adorned with Swarovski crystals. Each piece is lovingly hand made and the attention to detail is simply lovely.

"Created only with genuine crystals from Swarovski®, pearls, precious metals, sea shells and other natural materials, pieces bound to have the heads turning in awe.
One of our specialities is a revolutionised magnetic multi use scarf pin/brooch that protects your beautiful fabrics from the holes as well as tightens the dress, pins your tie or simply decorates your hat. Once you try it you can 't live without it!
All pieces are very limited edition or bespoke made with love in the UK.
Shine bright like a star that you are!"

Here is the piece that wa sent to me to feature so I hope you enjoy and please go and visit the Crystal Dream website here, Facebook here and Instagram here
Support your Muslim owned small businesses!

I had to try this! And yes the magnet is so strong I could actually feel it vibrate through my finger.

Then I thought I would try it out over the thicker part of my finger, and again it performed!

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