Abaya Central - Classically Purple

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Salams Everyone,
Inshallah you have all been super duper! 
I love a classic abaya, but my favourite design would be oversized and umbrella cut. These two combined  give the elegant silhouette that I feel suits me most. 
Here I am wearing Abaya Central's   abaya called Classically Purple which is both oversized and cut in the umbrella style. It features straight clean lines, high collar for maximum neck coverage, loose sleeves and an attached tie belt at the back. It's block colour is simply gorgeous and resembles a beautiful eggplant purple but with a slightly warm undertone. I teamed this beauty of an abaya with an Abaya Central shawl hijab which has a touch of the same tone within its print so it welded together gorgeously. This hijab is very lightweight which means very easy to wear and perfect for the upcoming Australian summer.
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I have styled the abaya two ways, one with the belt loosely tied at the back and the other with the belt tied all the way around my waist for added definition. 

Added some sparkly jewels to the otherwise plain neckline. This is why I love plain abayas, as you can add little hints of detail to spice it up.
Hand tattoo from Wander Nomad 

As you can see here I loosely tied the attached belt at the back to maintain the umbrella shape of he abaya.

Here I have tied the belt all the way around my waist to transform the abaya into more of a maxi dress. It is amazing how a simple alteration to the way you wear the abaya can change its entire look!

I pulled out a bit of the abaya over the belt to make the top half look more "poofy" and voluminous if you get my drift. 

Make sure you go follow Abaya central via InstagramFB, and go and check out their website (I just had a quick peek and saw they have a new collection out involving polka dots and gorgeous overlays of chiffon OMG!)  


  1. Mashallah, so beautiful!! I absolutely love the colour and shape of it, and you accessorize it perfectly!

  2. MashaaAllah, really, abayas make women look like women. And trousers makes look like men. Beautiful<3

  3. The color is gorgeous.
    Love how you styled it with the beautiful purple
    necklace and pretty scarf.


  4. This is such a lovely feature. We love your style and it really is amazing to see how a simple change can make such a difference. The accessories are fabulous and you look lovely :)
    Thank you for your kind words and to the comments above, thank you ladies.. xxx


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