Hijabis AU - Tassels and Jewels

Friday, September 12, 2014

I recently styled and trialled these lovely and very IN Hijabis AU tassel hijabs in the gorgeous hues of lavender and mint. These hijabs add an instant boho chic feel to any outfit because of their cute as a button rainbow tassels.

The hijabs are very thin and made of viscose, so they are very nice for mild to warm days. They are non slippery and sit very well on and around the face. If you fold them properly when storing you won't even have to iron them which is excellent for mums and working women. 

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Tassels over tassels and casual denim and maxi skirt day wear.

Tassels for dayyys!

Here I teamed the mint green version with a powder blue cocoon coat and a stripe top for a trip to the museum. 

Hijabis AU also sell beautiful jewellery to accompany their hijabs and clothing range so you can purchase a whole look including accessories. Pretty handy especially with Eid around the corner inshallah!


  1. Waaaw ! Your pix are so nice ! I love your fasion look and everything that you mealt. You mix fashion and muslim origin, that's well !

  2. You've a very nice look in this pic ! I love this jean's jacket with this black dress, it give you a casual but class look ! Your blog is very very nice, please continu to inspire us ;)

  3. Hi friends ...
    I have a nice tutorial hijab from Indonesia, it could be your reference.

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  4. the colour of our hijabs are stunning! and the tassels are incredibly cute!



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