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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It is always a pleasure for me to bring you exciting and new hijabi friendly products on the market, it is even more exciting for me support homegrown Aussie businesses who create beautiful products right here in Australia. Insert Amé Adorment.

I was sent a jersey hijab in the shade 'wheat' to wear, style and review. I chose this colour as it is simply the most perfect shade to go with absolutely everything. It's neutral hue will bring out any colour/pattern you are wearing without clashing horribly. 

Now I know you are probably wondering what makes this jersey hijab stand out from the crowd? Let me count the ways!
1. It is made of modal jersey which is incredibly soft and luxurious. Because it is so soft it also drapes perfectly.
2. The quality fabric is very durable and eco-friendly
3. It is more air permissible than cotton (keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter)
4. It has anti-bacterial properties 
5. The hijabs are made right here in Australia so you know they are not manufactured in some dingy sweatshop and by supporting local businesses you are encouraging sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices!

My final verdict? I absolutely loved it! I felt as though the colour was perfect for my fair skin (and I am positive it will suit all skin tones!) I also found wearing it very easy, I simply folded in the seamed end (about 3 cm's in) and pinned it under my chin. Then I wrapped one end around my head, pinned it using my current fave jewel pin from Hijab Jewels, and I was good to go. Here are some pictures I took. Enjoy!

Pinned using my current favourite Hijab Jewels pin (link above), so simple and classy which goes perfectly with the simple and classy Amé hijab.

Note:Scarf dimensions: 85 x 160 cm for extra coverage and luscious drape.

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