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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have always loved quilts. They are just so cosy and gorgeous, who wouldn't love to snuggle up to a warm soft blanket?
I have been tempted in the past to purchase a whimsical quilt but the hefty price tag always turned me off. I have seen handmade quilts go for $300+ and when you have little ones running around with markers and grubby hands the thought of displaying such an expensive investment really does not seem right. 
When I was vitually approached by the lovely Khadija the owner of Safiyas Room to feature her stunning ethnic inspired quilts I was over the moon for two reasons. 
First because I finally got to snuggle my very own handmade quilt! I knew I would love the beautiful colours and designs as soon as I looked at her website. And the fact that each one is handmade makes them all the more special as you know they are not mass produced in some global factory. These are meticulously made and each one is slightly different from the next making them unique and special. The second reason why I was ecstatic was because I get to write a blog post about something other then hijab fashion. I knew straightaway how I wanted to feature these babies. 

Here are the finer details directly from the website,
"Our Jaipuri quilts are handcrafted in India using traditional block printing techniques. The quilts are 100% cotton from the top and back to the binding. Our artisans first create the outer cover using block stamps to create each individual floral motif, a process that can take up to two weeks. Once the outer shell is printed and has dried, it is hand-filled with cotton to ensure even distribution and softness. The quilt is then hand stitched using cotton thread for durability and longevity"
Luckily these beautiful quilts are on sale for $80 per quilt with a flat rate shipping of $10! And if you spend $200 shipping is absolutely free. How affordable is that?!

I love anything light and dainty, and teaming the ethnic print with the girly decor really makes a pleasant contrast.

Here I have draped two quilts together the Asma (orange) and the Noor (blue) quilts.

For best results these quilts should be dry cleaned but you can also hand wash them in cold water.

You can see the beautiful quilting detail. They are extremely soft and warm, I usually never use a product before a photoshoot but I couldn't help myself and actually tested out these quilts at night and boy are they snugly and warm! 

The quilts are actually reversible, the underside is a much lighter almost summery pattern so you can switch it up when you are in the mood!

Make sure you go check out her gorgeous collection via her websiteFB and Instagram!

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  1. Very cute home stuff.
    I love hand made items.



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