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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ok so if you haven't noticed I have been mentioning some fantastic modest clothing companies for Eid these last few posts because I know how frantic things can get if you are one of those women who like to wear new clothes on that beautiful festive day.
I have another little gem for you that not only looks good but is one of those mummy friendly dresses that you literally POP on fuss free. And guess what ladies? If you enter the code "ColouredAbaya" at checkout you get FREE shipping worldwide! This offer ends Wednesday the 9th inshallah so hurry and grab a long sleeved dress for Eid!

This black tulip dress is by Coloured Abaya from Mode-Sty. It comes in a variety of colours such as pink, red, cobalt blue and sky blue and sizes from XS to 4XL so you are spoilt for choices.

It's special tulip design means it has these lovely pleats all along the hip area, but a word of caution if you are a but hip heavy it would probably be best if you choose a different Coloured Abaya style to avoid over exaggerating that area.

This dress is made of a stretch jersey so it is very easy to wear and care for. And look how adorable the puff sleeves are!

I teamed the dress with a black hijab from Hijabi Australia (see previous post for full details) and plain black heels. Sometimes the less you wear the more elegant you will look. 

Check out their website here and all their social media sites are as follows,
Instagram @colouredabayas


  1. MashAllah, what a lovely dress but OH MY I love your heels!!! Where are they from? Many salaams from New York City.

    1. Salam! Thanks for your comment, they were from Zara :)

  2. wow the dress is beautiful.
    I love tulip designs, so elegant!


    1. Thanks for your long time support and comments! Don't think they go unnoticed :) :*


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