Rezeda Suleyman USA

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Have you ever had a moment where you see a dress and you just know it is going to feel and look great? Well I had one of those feelings when I first pulled out this Rezeda maxi dress from its delivery parcel. 
This stunning piece is totally full length with long sleeves. It is a simple cut design, a straight a-line style dress that does not cinch in at the waist which gives you the option to either leave it loose as I have or wear a skinny belt. Due to its thick fabric it does not need a lining at all and does not cling to the body. Modesty at its finest. 
If you are looking for a fabulous and comfortable outfit for Eid then this is the dress for you (perfect for all you lovely mums out there!) 

This dress is made of top quality knit jersey which is very flattering and the chic fabric design just sang out to me.

What a perfect look for the upcoming Eid don't you think? You can shop this entire look by clicking the links I provided throughout the post. 

I just loved the way this dress is so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Just by removing my heels and shoulder jewel I could wear this dress anywhere I wanted.

These pictures are all without filter do you can see how vibrant and lovely the colours on the dress really is.

Bejewelled shoulder piece/brooch from Katendo online.

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