Melbourne City - Exploring Melbourne

Monday, June 9, 2014

Since entering the winter months here in Australia I have had this huge hankering to head to the heart of Melbourne City and see/smell/hear the hustle and bustle of this beautiful place. I rarely venture into its chaotic craziness as I can feel overwhelmed at times (I have sadly become thoroughly suburbanised).
So off I went to explore a little, shop a little and best of all EAT! 
First stop were the famous lane ways of Melbourne, in particular Degraves street. This charming
laneway specialises in food and coffee. Whenever I hit the city I always have to stop by Degraves for something yummy in my tummy. Around since the early 1800's, Degraves street has that old world cozy goodness about it, with its tiny shops spilling out onto the already cramped street, customers sitting side by side with complete strangers, the delicious scent of coffee wafting out from its seasoned cafés. Ahh I simply adore it! I grabbed my usual baguette, this time a smoked salmon baguette with an extra hot flat white.

The Majorca Building. If I were a building in Melbourne I would be the Majorca. It personifies everything I love about the 1920's - 1930's with its stunning glazed terra-cotta workmanship and classic art-deco design. This building was actually designed by the famous Harry Norris and has the most gorgeous apartments available. Maybe one day I will call the Majorca home.. When I am a millionaire :|

After moseying along for a while I went onto Melbourne Central. Here you can shop the latest from around the world but I like it most for its great selection of Aussie designer labels. 

I wore a very old (and I mean VERY old) Zimmermann silk dress that I still love after all these years. It has a cute cutout feature at the back with flutter sleeves and concealed pockets. So cute. 


  1. The dress is gorgeous.
    Love the fabric and, sleeves and back.


    1. Thanks gorgeous. It's an oldie but a goodie :)

  2. So jealous! Seems like a lovely place to take time to 'be' - I emailed you and also sent a short story, although I assume you're flooded with communication/busy. <3 L xx.

    1. Melbs is! Come down and I will take you around :) I figured out what's been going on, some of my emails have ended up in my junk box for some unknown annoying reason! Grrr

  3. Melbourne looks like such a cool city! Great pics!


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