Heading to the 50's with Klamby

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lordy I had a giggle taking these photos. I felt like such a little girl relishing in a new favourite skirt and feeling giddy with joy that I could wear it. The combination of polka dots and the sheer volume of the skirt will bring out the girl in even the most seasoned woman.

This stunning Klamby design skirt is now one of my favourite item of clothing hanging in my wardrobe.  It is just so quirky and cute that I couldn't resist choosing it when I was first contacted by the lovely owner/designer of Klamby design. Made of a thick cotton material, it features a wide waiste and plenty of volume. 

Made in the 50's style but with maximum length for modesty. After checking out Klamby's other designs I was majorly impressed with how inventive they they were! Seriously who can resist?

I decided to pair this skirt with a classic light denim shirt, red pumps, red clutch and a black pashmina hijab. You can't see but I styled my hijab with a little volume around the sides just to even it up with the volume of the skirt and it worked a treat.

This skirt also comes in a huge variety of plain colours so if polka dots is not your thing then go check out the stunning hues!

With Eid around the corner InshaAllah this skirt would be the most adorable addition to your outfit.

This skirt does all the work for you and you needn't of much for it to look chic and sweet. Keeping the rest of your ensemble simple works best with such a statement piece. 

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  1. Woot woot hot as always

  2. Gorgeous, always love black/white polkadots with red



  3. I love this. Gorgeous indeed.
    Always amazing you are <3

  4. Loooooove this look S!

    Kamy xx

  5. Very fun and fresh Abla! It's been a long time! L xx

    1. L! Where have you been? I have been waiting for a reply email dude! Send me a fresh one it's been too long now!

  6. Salaam. I love this outfit. Really chic. Another fashion inspiration. :)


  7. When I saw the pics the song from the film Grease went through my head "you're the one that i want" lol

    1. Haha yesss! It defo has a Grease vibe to it! Thanks for your comment! Xxxx


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