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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tips and Tricks to keep it modest on the Big Day

Hi everyone, Saltanat from “The Modest Bride” (oninstagram @themodestbride) guest blogging it here onHijab Revival.

Being a hijabi can be difficult on an everyday level at times, trying to keep that balance between modesty and fashion, but when we meet our life partner and start planning for our Big Day, trying to find a modest wedding dress seems almost impossible; especially amongst the sea of strapless, sweetheart, halter, onesleeved, princess gowns.

Despite this, there has been a surge in sleeved dresses in the past couple of years, thanks mainly to a number of high profile, celebrity figures (e.g. Kate Middleton) who’ve worn sleeved wedding dresses that we can take inspiration from.

Here are some tips to have your dream dress without compromising on modesty or style:

1. Dresses WITH sleeves: I know this sounds obvious, but the go to wedding outfit has been “strapless dress with skin tight top underneath.” While this may have been considered the only option in past years, scores of designers are now making gorgeous wedding dresses with sleeves, subtle embellishments and gorgeous details. Below are my favourite examples:

Monique Lhuillier- beautiful embellishment with subtle tulle overlay- Sheer Perfection

Alice Temperley: Romantic flowy skirt, beaded embellishments throughout and a subtle rose belt to add definition and contrast.

2. Lace: This has been a big trend in wedding dresses recently. As a hijabi bride, I think one needs to go for a more detailed lace pattern, so as to avoid it being too sheer. Here are some of my favourites:

 Ersa Atelier: Absolutely beautifully detailed lace, tulle/chiffon panels add an ethereal twist, and the beaded belt breaks up the lace.  

Georges Hobeika: For those of you who love the princess, ball gown look, this is perfect. It’s not too over-the-top, the embellished lace is detailed enough to not be sheer, and the high collar is perfect for those of you who want to do the turban look.

3. Simplicity: Modesty is not just about keeping it all covered. It’s about having Hayah, and I don’t think this needs to go astray on one’s wedding day. Sometimes restraint is much more beautiful than an over the top, ball gown, and beads from head to toe look. My advice here would be to pair a simple gown with a cascading bouquet, and a flowing, full length veil with lace edges, or floral appliqué. Here are some examples:



Rosa Clara                                                               

 Cascading Garden roses and foliage (From Style Me


Hamda Al Fahim- a simple silhouette but the beading throughout and shoulder detail makes it extraordinary. Pair it with a cascading bouquet of dahlias, roses andphalaenopsis orchids as in this example from



  1. Selam Shaima,

    When I was getting married I was hard pressed to find a proper wedding gown. First of all, I was not hell bent on having a white dress...I am too cool for that ;-)))) but I also could not find a dress befitting a wedding with long sleeves, not to tight, not to short. It was either a strapless ball gown or sleeveless ball gown or one shoulder ball gown or any combination and permutation of those 3. Finally, I ended up paying a visit to a seamstress in Brooklyn, New York (I live in NYC) who altered a ready made gown to my liking. It was pale green color (My favorite color) and had a train, the right amount of embellishment and it had sleeves. It was breathtaking in size US 8 ( I was teeny-tiny then) and she made me a hijab to match. I have it still hanging in my closet and every time I pass it by I get emotional. As for the designer wedding gowns they are too pricey and frankly I would be leery to order anything else online. The sheer amount of alterations a gown goes through (ex: my gown had to be taken in so much the entire bodice had to be re-beaded) I just wouldn't want to take a chance on something so important.

  2. I too bought a dress online. The designer emailed me within 2 hours of when I placed my order to confirm my measurements and then recommended a better size for me.

  3. Love the third and fourth one. My cousin had one similar to the fourth one at her wedding a few days ago except her sleeves were shorter.

  4. ahhh the wedding dress of georges hobeika is just my fave he is an amazing designer



  5. The first two dresses are simply amazing. Luv them - alot!!

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  8. absolutely gorgeous! you were a stunning bride!

  9. Looks like such a beautiful wedding, simple and lovely. Congratulations!


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