Come Shop With Me - Vintage Hunt

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Salaam everyone! I recently posed a question on my Instagram page asking if you would like me to take you with me to my favourite vintage hot spot right here in beautiful Melbourne.
Being a vintage lover for many many years (thanks to my sister @melbournemuslimdesigner) I have pretty much mapped out the best spots in Melbourne for authentic vintage good. 
So off I went to my all time favourite Salvation Army in an inner city suburb which specialises in vintage furniture but also has a small but great collection of vintage clothing. I took some pictures of some of the pretty things I saw and ended up with one purchase of the day a soft and warm vintage wool peplum sweater with a sweet soft beige houndstooth pattern all over it. It was the perfect buy for the coming winter here in Australia. 
Before I show you the pictures I want to give you a few handy hints when it comes to thrift store vintage shopping.
1) visit the stores located in more affluent or older suburbs as they have the best vintage clothing and furniture.
2) steer clear of really badly made vintage clothing, many pieces from the 60's and 70's are made of horrible polyester which make you sweat and feel horrible on the skin so go for quality vintage in natural fabrics.
3) be prepared to really take your time and look at each item on the rack as this is when you will discover the best pieces. 

So anyway, enjoy this post and make sure you follow me on Instagram as this is where I am most interactive with you guys and I post my everyday OOTD's so go follow @hijabrevivalofficial pronto!

Fancy a fur coat? Not really my thing but was fun looking and feeling something that was around for over 40 possible years. 

Uughhhh I fell in love with these vintage cases and bags! I would love to have bought these purely for photo shoots and home decor but thought those reasons were not good enough to lugg these home!

Another instant love, I regret not grabbing one of these! How gorgeous are they? I could easily imagine people using these back in the day. 

Check out the famous The Last Supper painting in the background.

Splash in cologne anyone? I gave it a sniff and it was a bit off hehe.

I died when I saw this sofa. Just died.

A cute vintage tulle skirt in a beautiful deep wine colour.

This is the peplum sweater I purchased, gave it a good soak and wash just today and it turned out just gorgeous!

Some of the more expensive vintage pieces are kept in glass cabinets. 

Thought I would include the neighbouring homes near this store, I actually grew up in this neighbourhood so it holds a lot of sentimental memories.

And of course no vintage hunt would be complete without a vintage ensemble! This is a 60's day dress, and let me tell you finding vintage pieces that fit a modern size 12/14 AU is a real accomplishment as most vintage clothing are tiny! 


  1. ohhh i really love the last piece you are wearing the 60s day dress! just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much! Inshallah I will be styling the piece I bought on the day too :)

  2. Loving the vintage clothes you found!! I've been on the hunt for a good vintage store in Melbourne.. any suburbs you could recommend?? Thankss xo

    1. Hi Sabrina! Thanks and yes I can try Toorak, Hawthorn etc etc..

  3. Thank you for the 'vintage hunt' tips. I love vintage clothing, too, but I rarely go to vintage shops.. :) Looove your look in this 60s day dress!


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