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Thursday, April 24, 2014

As I get older I find myself getting more and more anxious. Little things that never used to bug me are now starting to cause anxiety. Every mother can agree with me when I say our patience is tested a lot more then any other person on this earth but it is probably wise to figure out a constructive way to wind down and find some time to reconnect with ourselves. Aside from prayer I also like to surround myself with the natural physical world and disconnect from the phantom virtual reality. 
I have always been deeply attracted to nature, in particular forestry. I love the way the mountains smell and the way the colour green instantly leeches out all my anger and frustration. There is something so romantic and lovely about the woods, especially in the cooler months. As I look at the trees and smell the fresh crisp air I can't help marvel at Allah s.w.t's creations. 
I recently went on a trip to one of my favourite places in Melbourne's Dandenong ranges. It is a teeny tiny town called Olinda which is nestled next to Sassafras with a population of around 1600 (according to the 2006 census). Olinda is rich with history being around since the 1800's. I love heading there for some excellent coffee and food as well as perusing its antique stores. 

Here are some pictures of my day spent in the beautiful suburb of Olinda, if you are a Melbournian like myself you must go visit, even if it is just to drive through. 
I will start with what I wore that day as I know that is probably what interests most people. I wore a new Asos dress which I LOVE ( click the link <---- and search for asos batwing shift dress in abstract print) . It has dolman sleeves and is cut in the shift dress style. I paired it with my Zara jeans, boohoo shoes, and Seduce long wool coat.

Drinking tea at the park. And yes that is a jar. And no I do not consider myself a hipster I just forgot to bring mugs so the spare jar came in handy.

I think an Akubra hat looks spot on with hijab. Don't you? ;)


  1. Great post....I love the dress and I recks you where the Akubra all year round! Hows that for a trend?? xx

  2. Replies
    1. Awww I'm so glad! I am trying to incorporate more personal posts inshallah xx

  3. Love your blog :)



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