Hijab Revival for Brew & Skittles

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I recieved an email last year from a company called Brew & Skittles which intrigued me. I was asked if I would like to collaborate with the brand by submitting a few designs. I was pretty stoked they asked me as 1) I have no design experience and 2) They liked my blog so much they chose to ask me, yes little old me to collaborate with!
Anyway, so I started to sketch a few pictures that resembled something a grade 2 child might draw, complete with scribbled notes next to each picture. Needless to say I was totally embarrassed to show anyone but I put aside me pride and sent them the pictures. 
They chose 2 designs from my rough sketches and turned them into B&S pieces. The pieces are not exactly how I imagined them but they are still so pretty and demand attention. 
I am styling the Green Batik Long Top which is a beautiful emerald green shade with a batik top half. Keep reading this post for more outfit details. 

The necklace and ring are from Wandering Nomad - go check them out for ethnic style jewellery.

Brew & Skittles specialise in using Batik fabric in nearly all their designs. These fabrics are hand picked by the company and incorporated into their funky style. 

The batik top half has a multitude of colours so it is easy to match a hijab to it if you do not like wearing black. 
The Green Batik Long Top is more like a kimono style jacket/dress that can be worn buttoned up or open.

The vibrant colours are simply stunning and look so special paired with all black. 

I love the way the emerald green is peeking out from under the leather jacket. Such a stark slash of colour.

I layered up for this look with black peg-legs, a black longline shirt, the B&S long batik too and a tough looking leather jacket. I love mixing girly with more serious pieces. 

Note: the pieces are designed by me but every other aspect about the pieces were chosen by B&S such as fabric, sizing and button accessories. 


  1. Love love love this!I love the colors and the tough leather against the pretty green! xx

  2. Beautiful outfit! I really love the conbination, the necklace is so beautiful!


    Her Place at The Universe

  3. Wow it`s amazing!
    I would wear it.



  4. Love the outfit! www.maishasworld7860.weebly.com

  5. Love the outfit! www.maishasworld7860.weebly.com

  6. Wonderful inspiration! Perfect style - green batik as Indonesian heritage. #modestfashion


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