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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I was sent a gorgeous package a while ago from the UK based hijab company Hijab Jewels. In this cute package I found some of the most beautiful hijabs I have seen in a while. Now I know I always go gaga over hijabs (I mean which hijabi wouldn't right?) but I can honestly say these ones are something special.

Made exclusively for Hijab Jewels the aptly named Pink Chic, Navy Chic and Wool Lace hijabs are superb quality. 
As soon as I pulled the maxi hijabs out in knew it would be love at first wear. Now the Pink and Navy Chic hijabs are transparent but after wearing my usual undercap and folding the hijab in half (like I normally do) there was absolutely no transparency evident. 

Styling the hijab around my face and chest was extremely easy as the fabric is very soft and fluid. I easily draped and folded it in any way I wanted. 

The Wool Lace hijab is perfect for the cooler weather to keep your ears nice and snug. Just like you would wear socks and gloves in chilly weather, you would also be wise to wear a nice thick hijab to keep your head and face warm. The Wool Lace hijab is made of 100% wool so again you are getting quality rather then the usual polyester. 

I really appreciated the way Hijab Jewels sew on their label on each of their hijabs so that you know you are getting quality and exclusivity.  And to make them even more fabulous Hijab Jewels recently launched their very own clothing line so make sure you go and take a look at their beautiful collection.

I was also sent this cute bow bangle (spend £30 or more and receive the bangle free!) and also these pretty as a picture hijab pins!

Make sure to go and follow Hijab Jewels on FB to keep up to date with their stock and new releases.

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