Katendo ~ Ruby Red Rose

Monday, January 27, 2014

If you haven't heard of Katendo online yet then first of all head on over to my first post about them so you can get up to date, after you have read that then head on back here to see my second installment.
Katendo are an online retailer of superbly stunning statement jewellery, accessories and hijabs. Last time I styled a totally unique shoulder piece bedazzled and draped in pearls, this time I am here with a HUGE ruby red rose ring that will surely make your eyes pop and a matching silk shimmer hijab.
Set in a gold background this ring is literally oozing statement. I love the tiny red faux rubies  and green gems that sparkle and glitter. 

The hijab is an absolute perfect match the the ring and works really well together. The hijab is 100% silk and has a really sweet sparkle to it.

Wear these two together and you won't be disappointed!

I am wearing my Katendo ring and silk hijab with my Wahat Aljalabiya kaftan (visit here to see my review post on this kaftan) 

Head on over to Katendo and peruse their seriously unique goods or visit them on Instagram (@katendo_online), Facebook or even their very own blog to see the pieces styled! 

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