Hijabi Box - Review

Monday, January 6, 2014

You have probably seen or heard about monthly subscription boxes providing monthly beauty and fashion for a small fee.  Well guess what ladies? There is now a subscription box for hijabis!
Yes you hear right, you can now recieve a hijabi box per month containing an exciting new hijab and accessories from the now well know company Hijabi Box.
I was sent one for review so let's start with a BISMILLAH and here goes!

When you go on their website and apply for a box you are asked a series of questions to determine what sort of style you prefer. Questions like, what are your favourite colours, sequins or no sequins, classic or modern etc etc you get the drift. Once they have enough information you are then set to recieve your first hijabi box!
"Hijabi Box was founded in 2013 to bring new and unique scarves to Hijabi's across the world.
Each box is custom built for the recipient based on her style and color preferences and never duplicated.
Our mission is to have a wide variety of styles for all tastes and bring excitement to Hijabi's around the world." 
The box is made of plain cardboard with the Hijabi Box sticker on the side. Everything is wrapped up in beautiful black tissue paper so that they are nice and snug.
I loved unwrapping my box and slowly pulling away the tissue as it felt like a special gift and the fact that you do not know what you will find inside gives you even more excitement and ads anticipation.

I received a stunning peacock and gold toned pashmina, a plain grey under scarf or bone, a wheel of handy black and white stick pins and a cute little chocolate bar by Ghirardelli. Before I forget let me just mention that you can actually purchase everything I feature here individually from their website so you do not have to subscribe if you do not want to!

I honestly loved everything in my box as I specified my preferences to Hijabi Box. Because they knew what I liked and disliked they sent me perfect items for my taste.
I loved the fact that they even included a little chocolaty snack, I mean who doesn't like chocolate right?

I think that the hijabi monthly subscription box is a genius idea and as it's fan base grows will get even better and better.
Here is how I plan on wearing my pashmina. As it is summer here in Australia it is too hot for a pashmina but it will come in handy on those cooler summer nights as a chic shoulder throw. I planed this outfit for an upcoming ladies event so cannot wait to wear it! What do you think?

Outfit by:
Dress worn as top - Sass & Bide
Peacock Pashmina - Hiabi Box
Wide leg silk palazzo pants - Alannah Hill
Glomesh clutch - vintage
Gold bow heels - Tony Bianco

Pssst! Lucky you there is 20% off Hijabi Box at the moment so make sure you utilise the code WINTERSALE at checkout!

To find Hijabi Box click the following:
Website click here
Facebook page click here
Instagram @hijabibox


  1. Loving this outfit set Abla, very chic but with personality too. Happy New Year! I emailed you so do please check your emails inshallah. A lot has happened. L xx

    1. L!! So glad to hear from you! I will check my email and reply ASAP inshallah! Happy new year to you to! Xxxx

  2. That is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Karimah I thought so to! Thanks for your comment!

  3. I love your blog

    1. Thank you! I shall make sure I follow you back!


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