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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ok so as you can all see I have a few new tabs above (some are 'coming soon' inshallah). One of those said tabs is titled 'Beauty' which is why I decided to start my first beauty post today and from the very beginning - my skincare routine!
As you all know (or maybe you don't) I used to work as a free lance makeup artist and I would post some pictures of my work occasionally here. I no longer do makeup professionally but I am still passionate about it.
Skincare is something I have really started to think about and practice in the last two or so years. I never really had a routine previously (other then soap and water) but through research and lots of discussion I have narrowed down my skin type and it's needs.

If I could describe my skin type briefly it would be dry and needy. My skin texture is fine and does not respond well to harsh chemicals or overworking it. If I do not take care of my skin and skip my routine it shows immediately and breaks out. I will further explain what I do with every picture and also go through the products I use.

- Ok so here I have a picture of absolutely everything I use on my skin. But before your eyes boggle out of your head at the sheer volume of it let me just say I do not use all of these daily nor do use all of them at once.

- First step and one of the most important steps for everyone is cleansing. I only use cleansing products if I have worn makeup that day. I am not one of those people who wake up and cleanse my face as I feel as though I am stripping my face of all it's natural oils that are so beneficial to the skin. Why would I want to wash it off with product? 
However if I have worn makeup and I want to remove it I would first use the Cetaphil which I pump into my hand and rub it all over my face really concentrating on areas that have the most makeup. I then remove it with a warm wet cotton face cloth (which also very gently exfoliates and is not damaging to the skin) and then repeat that step once more. What i like about the Cetaphil is that it is perfect for sensitive skin, is soap free and moisturising.
When I have removed as much as I can with the Cetaphil I then go ahead with a cleanser such as the MP natural foam cleanser or I just use a moisturising MP natural cleansing wipe.

- Now the following products are my once a week treatments. I use either the Queen Helene face scrub and masque or the Santuary cleanser and mask depending on the mood my skin is in. If I have zits I will go in with the Queen Helene, if I feel dry I will use the Sanctuary. 

- This is my all natural toner which helps with my skin tone as well as closes my pores beautifully.
Handy hint: what I like to do is decant some of this into a small spray bottle and throw it in my purse in summer so that I can spritz it over my heat induced open pores. 

- I recently discovered the French brand Laroche Posay which I absolutely love! I use the Sensi White daily to help with any discoloration on my face. It is for sensitive Asian skin (of which I am considered both). To moisturise I cannot go past organic coconut oil. It is the BEST thing I have discovered for my skin. I would previously use Vaseline daily , which i still like and believe in, but find the coconut sinks in better and gives the best results. It has helped the fine lines and the texture of my skin amazingly!
Handy hint: decant your favourite face products into gorgeous vintage trinket boxes like my mother of pearl one below which now contains Vaseline. It looks so much prettier on your dresser!

- Ok so now we have reached my internal skincare routine. As you all know you are what you eat so I like to take a multivitamin a day as well as some extra supplements for my skin. Vitamin E is superb for keeping you looking young and supple so I take one a day. But before you go buy this make sure you buy the natural vitamin E which should write D-alpha. If it writes dl-alpha this means it is the synthetic form. So I ingest a natural vitamin E daily but I also pop one capsule with a knife and smear the contents on my face as an intensive moisture mask when I feel extra dry. (I bought a bottle of the synthetic vitamin E for this purpose as they are cheaper).

- Do not forget to use sunscreen everyday! The sun is the most damaging factor for your skin and can cause serious side effects such as premature aging, dullness, discolouration as well as skin cancer. I use SPF 50+ which is the highest you can get and never leave home without it even on cloudy days as the UV rays are still there.

- Finally my lips are kept soft and smooth with a natural non greasy lip balm. I love this Burt's Bees beeswax balm as it is matte but super moisturising. 

Products used: (click on the names of the products below to go straight to their websites)
Cetaphil cleanser
Models Prefer cleanser and wipes
Queen Helene face scrub and masque
Santuary scrub and mask
TN Dickinson's witch hazel toner
La Roche-Posay lotion
Burt's Bees lip balm
Cenovis vitamin E

You can buy most of the products I used from and if you use the code LHV251 you get $10 off your first order! Buy products such as Real Techniques brushes, Eco tools, Elf cosmetics and more

That is it my lovelies! This is all I do which works for now. Remember our skin is always changing and we need to alter our routines according to what our bodies need. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you like to do and if you have a product you feel is a miracle worker please let me know!


  1. I've been wanting to buy witch hazel for a very long time but was afraid it will dry out my skin. If it minimizes pores I am on it like white on rice sistah! ;-))

    1. You should definitely try it sis! Natural and works! Xx

  2. Love this post!followed check out my blog


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