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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When someone says statement it usually ticks the average bright or colourful boxes without hitting creative or unusual at all but when Katendo Online say statement they really mean STATEMENT!
Check out this superb rhinestone and pearl neck piece/harness that really packs a punch and turns any outfit into a masterpiece. Beautiful thin silver chains that are dotted with pearls and shiny gems creates an almost spider web style effect when worn in a certain way. It moves when you move and shimmers delicately in the light. 

The neck piece is clasped around the neck in the choker style which then completely flares out into a bunch of different sized strands

When I first tried this piece on I assumed it could only be worn in the regular necklace style and draped over the chest but upon further investigation and experimentation I realised I could also wear it as a shoulder and back accessory. Simply by placing the cluster of rhinestones over each shoulder like super sparkly eppaulettes you can transform the look entirely. 

Another awesome fact about this neck piece is that it is also bride suitable. Diamonds and pearls scream WEDDING so it is perfect for those more plain and simple wedding dresses to add a touch more drama.

I styled this piece with my Staple the Label black and white short sleeve kaftan, a black midi dress and ponti pants. I love black and white so the silver and pearls worked well with the dual toned ensemble. 
Go and check out Katendos other spectacular pieces by clicking here and make sure you follow them on Instagram @katendo_online.


  1. Oooh this is pretty, mashaAllah!!!!

  2. Haven't heard from you hope everything is ok? That necklace is a statement and a half! :) L xx.

  3. wow i love your art with fashion your a true stylist. can i book you for functions please.XOXOxx


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