HR Interview

Friday, November 15, 2013

I am such a Dory! This piece was published last Eid and only just remembered to share it here! I had shared it via my Instagram @hijabrevivalofficial but then kept forgetting to post the link on blogger! Anyway it is a good read and has a GREAT and über flattering intro (thanks to the editor!) so head over to read what I had to say about Hijab Revival and take a squizz at some of my favourite photos.

P.s I had mentioned in the interview about the future of HR and how I want to incorporate new segments - one segment being a guest blogger series. i have already started the search for guest bloggers through Instagram but would also appreciate some of your help too! Send me an email via the contact me tab above if you are interested inshallah.

Here is the link

Thank you for such an awesome opportunity! I really appreciated it! Xxxx


Salaams! Strictly no religious debates or blatantly rude comments! HR is all about love! Also if you want to ask me/tell me something in private please email me at THANK YOU!