Guest Blogger Feature - ‘Modest Fashion in the 21st Century’ – by Sara Youssef

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Salam to all of HIjab Revival's beautiful readers! Let me first start off by speaking a little about myself. My name is Sara and I am a muslim fashion blogger from Sydney, Australia. I run the blog ‘Muslim Fashion Guide’ and most of you may know me as @sara_why from Instragram. I also run my own online clothing boutique called ‘Modest Wear’ which inshallah I have big plans for in the future, under Allah (swt)’s will of course. It is honestly a privilege having the opportunity to guest feature on this blog.

Ok so I wanted to write something that was both interesting & fun to read but also something that could get you all interactive. So the title for this blog post is ‘Modest Fashion in the 21st Century’. Many people think modest fashion is just for the ‘Hijabistas’ well…they’re wrong! Modest Fashion is just a classification for ‘Covered Fashion’. Anybody can dress modestly whether it’s a Muslim, non-Muslim, female or MALE! It’s just another ‘dress code’ however, that being said we definitely give credit to all of those young teens & the mature women who wear the hijab with modesty & integrity. Many women nowadays ask what modest fashion is. Well in my opinion modesty can be just as simple as a maxi skirt, long blouse & hijab. 

Ok, so I think we have covered ‘Modest Fashion’ using loose & long clothing but how about modest fashion in ‘The 21st Century’? Is it still so conservative? Not that there is anything wrong with the long and loose clothing but let’s just take a look around for a second.  Fashion evolves every day. It changes and progresses every minute. So why should modest fashion stay the same? How are we as hijabis any different from other fashion lovers out there who do not wear a hijab? We are not! So, 21st century modest fashion in my eyes has definitely taken a wild TWIST! By keeping your modesty you can follow trends which emerge and create your own along the way. Wearing trousers doesn’t make you any less modest but let’s just watch the way we style them. How about we keep an element from the old modest fashion by throwing a LONG blouse over the trousers and creating a beautiful style with our hijab just to add a little ‘umph’ to the overall outfit.

What do you say? Modest enough? Yes… we added trousers & changed up the hijab style a ‘tad’ but it doesn’t mean we have removed our modesty completely. We are just following 21st century trends yet still keeping our modesty. 

Overall, modest fashion can be interpreted however you wish. This is just my take on modest fashion. My goal for this blog post is to bring awareness to those who are afraid to try new styles which emerge in society. You are no different! So go ahead and try new styles & buy the new clothes but just keep your modesty by referring to elements that you and every other hijabi is use to.
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MUCH LOVE, Sara xx


  1. Thanks for your comments. Love your inspiring style in your blog :)

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  2. Salam,

    Wearing trousers with is not a 21st century trend... Women in South Asia, for example, have worn hijab and trousers for ages :)

    Salams from England
    Philippa :)

  3. The Hijab modified looks great. I don't think this modification removes the modesty in any perspective. This one could be more comfortable for those who are used to trousers.

  4. nice outfits. very well paired with hijabs.

  5. Dressing modestly is always good and comfortable, love the outfits in pictures pretty cool.

  6. The modest Hijab dresses looks great!! And very well paired with hijabs..


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