Sailors and Skulls

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You know I think I have said this before but I have never been a blue kinda gal. I would more often then not gravitate towards lovely pinks and purples and even the occasional green but never really blue. But as I get older, my taste in clothing and colours obviously change and so I can now officially say YES I am now an admirer of blue! Well royal blue to be exact, and to be frank who wouldn't be when the selection of royal blue hijab and accessories look as yummy as these?

These lovelies are from Sorayya the online store which are all available to purchase while stocks last (or check our Sorayya's Instagram account @sorayya_ for her exciting new designs!!)
The royal blue sailor inspired messenger bag is made of cowhide leather and features a cute gold and leather strap but can also be used as a clutch. The inside is fully lined which is always handy and keeps the look luxe. 
I styled my two royal blue pieces together because I mean COME ON how often can you match your hijab and your bag so perfectly in such a bright colour? 
The rest of my outfit is pretty simple, a black long line blouse, a tube skirt and gold accessories to tie in with the gold hardware on the bag.

The matching maxi hijab is made of a thin viscose. It sits just beautifully and stays in place all day. You have so much fabric that you can wrap and twist this baby into any style you want! And just look at the colour! Isn't it amazing?

Finally I have these cuuuute colourful clutch bags which look all girly and innocent but then bang! Your hit with the tough skull embellishment which add a definite hint of interest and intrigue. I love the fact that the clutches also come with a dainty thin chain so you can swing it on your shoulder if you get tired of holding it. 
Oh and they also come in protective dust bags.

As you can see from the close up the stitching and quality of the bags are top notch and are all excellently made mashallah.

Here is how I styled my clutch in shocking pink - paired with neutrals it really adds a definite pop of excitement!


  1. My own fairytale: I know she has some greatttt stuff you should check it out!! Xoxoxo

  2. Sorayya- no worries love it was my pleasure!!

  3. Wow! Great post, wonderful design in your blog. I like it. Thanks for sharing....................

    1. Thanks sania! It's brand new :) I'm proud :)

  4. Amazing post! Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.


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