Lace and Glamour with Nour Hijab

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nour Hijab sent me this glamorous little number a while ago and finally I get to style it for you lovely readers. When I say 'style' I just mean wear as this laced out dress needs little more then a black hijab and nice shoes.

I chose to accessorize the dress with a plain square hijab in a deep black shade, a black beaded clutch from Jag and neutral shoes from Witchery. I let the dress speak for itself and I believe this is the perfect approach for such a knockout piece. 

It's plain thick jersey skirt is a welcome contrast to the lace at the top as it creates an illusion of slenderness as well as minimising any potential OTT look lace can have.

I love how the skirt of this dress is volumized and as you can tell I had a lot of fun twirling around in it. Every step you take in this dress creates beautiful shapes and texture. 

Another cool feature (of which I do not have a photo) is the handy zip at the front of the dress that ends just at the bottom of the lace. This zip is perfect for nursing mums as all you have to do is zip it down and you are ready to rock and roll!

Because the bottom segment is almost designed like a circle skirt and the fabric is of such high quality there is zero cling, but if you are like me and like to double protect then you can wear a petticoat underneath to cancel out any chance of transparency or clinging. 

You can follow Nour Hijab on FB and/or Instagram but to see their full range head on over to their website here.


  1. You look amazing sis.
    It's a gorgeous design.


  2. Looking lovely as always,,,,in love with the dress <3<3<3

  3. Really beautiful dress! I love it!


  4. Thank you so much my own fairytale!! Xoxo

  5. Think you the hijab addict! Me too :):)

  6. Salam sister I tried to find the dress on their website however it wasn't there can you please advise.

  7. lovely look :)

  8. Hijab love - I think you need to email them to pre order but I'm pretty sure they said they will be bringing in more colours :)

  9. amazing outfit, this dress is perfect


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