Pretty Florals with the BM Store

Friday, August 30, 2013

When I first recieved the email from The BM store I was so curious about what the 'BM' stood for. I soon realised it meant something really special;
"Our company- theBMstore's philosophy is a simple belief that "Modesty is for everywoman".. Unfortunately, the huge media influence and mainstream fashion trendsetters focus largely on the other kind of clothes that are frequently not modest and therefore these get more recognised  as the clothing norms. This motivated us to come up with our own Modest Fashion Clothing Label - bare minimum. Yes, pun intended. Contrary to the actual meaning, in literal terms to bare means uncover and minimum is to the least -- This is how we are determined to change the rules of fashion."
I was instantly intrigued and definitely interested. I decided to choose the very pretty  spring floral maxi dress which stood out to me because of the unique bib around the shoulders. I thought it would be so interesting to wear not to mention modest as the bib acts as a chest covering.

Because of the beautiful floral design on the skirt you do not really need to style it a whole lot. I actually came with a matching coral belt to wear around its waist but I changed it up for a plain black leather belt of my own just to keep the dress together.

The top half of the dress is made of a very stretchy jersey fabric so there is plenty of room in there. The bottom is a lined cotton fabric cut in an A-line style. So very cute right?
I chose to style the dress with this beautiful olive toned Jannah Gifts pashmina which is my current hijab FAVE.

The BM store is super cool in that they have an alteration service so if you want anything from their store altered then all you have to do is drop them a message! How awesome is that?

Make sure you visit their FB page too! Click here go go and like it now!


  1. I really like the idea of having a bib on the shoulders. I always tend to cover up my chest area but with this you get to style up your hijab in so many different ways without even worrying about the chest.

  2. Love the skirt, it's so beautiful!


  3. Miss m- yes exactly! You feel more secure and comfortable with the bib there :) thanks for your comment! Xx

  4. Laila, thank you hon it is really pretty isn't it? Xx


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