Monamour Collection ~ Can You Say Mashallah?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ahhhhh Monamour mon cheri! Such decadence and style oozing out of this Californian label. Semi precious stones, gold and silver plating and of course beautiful Arabic calligraphy makes Monamour stand apart from the crowd.
Created by the talented Mona Abdallah, these pieces are all handmade with meticulous care and attention to detail.
They have such a huge variety of jewels you will get lost in all your hard decision making! From crystal drop necklaces to leather bound Allah stone bracelets there is something for all. 

Check out this stunning Mashallah turquoise set I was sent - a beautiful gold plated Mashallah necklace set on a delicate thin gold chain, a howlite turquoise ring and a howlite turquoise and gold plated Mashallah bracelet. 

Add some fun colour to your ensemble with this complete set, or wear them separately for an understated vibe. 

I wrapped the delicate necklace around my wrist as I really loved how it looked. But you can purchase an actual Mashallah chain bracelet from their online store.

I chose to wear the entire set to uplift this otherwise mono toned outfit. Look at how bright and happy the ring and bracelet looks! Love!

Check out Monamour Collection 
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  1. Masha Allah I loved the rign.. Nice choice!

  2. I nominated you for a liebster award.
    Don`t know if you have time to participate, so it`s no problem if you can't.

    XO Laleh

  3. Fatima, they are truly beautiful! Thank youuuu! Xxxx

  4. My own fairytale What is that award about? Xxx

  5. Hi,
    Where'd you get your dress from?? Love it! Mashalla

  6. Hi,
    Where'd you get your dress from? Beautiful mashalla!

  7. The bracelet is so lovely.. love the color.

  8. Masha Allah Really Beautiful and bold pictures!


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