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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jannah Gifts is an online retailer of beautiful hijabs and accessories, catering to young and funky Muslim women from around the globe. They have a large range of styles to choose from such as pashmina style hijabs to printed maxi hijabs. You are spoilt for choices!
Having recently just relaunched their website, they also have a huge following on FB and Instagram so you know women really appreciate the services of Jannah Gifts.
I road tested my Jannah Gifts hijabs on a few occasions and I am very satisfied with the style and quality of the hijabs. 

This Lovely Leopard hijab received so many compliments, especially since I wore it as a chest covering shawl, it gave its animal print and dip dye effect an exotic feel. Thrown together with my vintage snakeskin sling bag, my Zara flats and Artizara gold plated three gem ring.

I have bought some pretty dodgy 'pashmina' hijabs from ebay but I am glad to say the JG pashminas are top notch! Tight weave and proper thickness is essential when it comes to pashminas! This is how I wore this Olive version - with my vintage midi dress and vintage Versace box bag.

Finally, who doesn't love a good Polka hijab right? This is how I wore mine inshallah.


  1. You're eating Mrs Fields! Hehe come to Brisbane so I can spoil you!

  2. Gorgeous bags, scarfs, midi vest, shoes, EVERYTHING GORGEOUS! I can't watch anymore :-P
    Love your style, babe.


  3. I adore all your vintage finds! U have such great taste!

  4. what a great taste mashallah

    please take a moment to view my blog....... help a sister out:P


  5. My own fairytale THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love yours too! Kiss kiss

  6. Sami, I have loved vintage for soooo long so most of my stuff have been with me for a long time. When I go vintage shopping I take hours looking for the perfect find! :):)

  7. Lill miss: I will gorgeous! Welcome to blogging! Xx

  8. I love your style! And the first pair of shoes is beyond gorgeous <3

    xoxo, Anfal


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