Tough, Girly or Minimalist - Which one are you? Munawwar Beads

Monday, July 22, 2013

Check out these Munawwar pieces and tell me - which one are you?

The Tough one -
You rock black leather jackets and kohl in your eyes. Studs and silver often frequent your outfits. You are not punk but love to look aesthetically tough. You are a woman but definitely not girly. You are an Elegant Spike woman.

The Girly one - You are attracted to anything pink like bees to nectar. Your style era is based in the 50's and your favourite colours are pink, red, silver and gold. Your room is frou-frou girly and looks like a glitter snow ball. You are a Ribena Vintage Vase woman.

The Minimalist -
You are a simple woman. You love clean lines and modern twists. Clutter is a pet peeve of yours and your dream house is a spacious open space haven. Your favourite shades are white,beige, silver and black. You are a Taj woman.

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  1. I'm all of them on any given day.. But predominantly I would be the minimalist.

  2. Loving these pictures :)


  3. I think I'm the Taj women or the Minimalist hehe <3

  4. Hmmm difficult, I don't have just 1 style.
    I wear whatever feels good every day.
    But for now I chose the first style ;-)



  5. Meilina, thank you so much!i put a lot of effort in my reviews :)

  6. My own fairy tale: aren't they gorgeous? I love how they are tough but still stylish :)

  7. I'm a combo of tough and minimalist for sure

  8. Beautiful pictures, me? I think I'm a mix between tough and minimalist :)


  9. A bit of all:
    Yes to kohl
    Yes to Pink
    Yes to black

  10. Hijab files: sure your not girly? Hehe

  11. Laila, thank you! And to think I use my phone!


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