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Friday, July 26, 2013

If you haven't noticed yet I have a new banner on my sidebar -----------> from the UK based company Khimar Online - a reputable and well established retailer of modest clothing. They sell simple but stunning abayas of all sorts, essentially trying to keep things easy to wear and elegant. I chose to review the beautiful new design called Royal Teal as I was drawn to its colour and cute Peter Pan collar. It also features tiny pleating along the chest, pretty little gem shaped buttons both on the chest (nursing made easy!) and on each cuff.

I love this piece as it has structure without compromising on modesty. Awesome!
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Visit their FB page to see what else they have in store or you!

Made up of two layers, the inner being a satiny slip and the outer a fine chiffon. It's skirt is made of plenty of material and is very voluminous and if you were to wear it on a windy day, let's just say you will feel like a princess as it bellows around you.

You do not have to wear anything beneath it as it is not see through at all, and because of its double layer it also does not reveal any shadows of your underthings.

I styled this in a way that would be suitable for Eid, a stacked on a few large brooches to hold my eggplant hued hijab in place as well as add an interesting focal point. I just happened to purchase this buttery soft leather handbag recently so I thought I would include it in my photoshoot. Isn't it a yummy colour?

I love taking photos in the late afternoon. It creates the most romantic shadows and intensifies and deepens colours.

Like my brooch stack or my hijab? Well they also sell similar styles on their website! Go and choose your favourite!


  1. Those tiny pleats are so distinctive they have their own name - pin-tucks. L xx :)

  2. I love getting product review posts from you and this is no exception! Beautiful Masahallah

  3. Nice, mashaallah! I must say it looks much better on you than on their website :)

  4. Unknown: haha I knew they were called something but had no idea what! Thanks so much! Xxxx

  5. Taskeen, I try to make them as accurate as possible, your words mean so much to me! Thank you so much! Xoxo

  6. Gutbetucht: oh wow what a beautiful compliment! I don't think so but thank you anyway! Xoxoxo

  7. The dress is gorgeous!
    Looks very very pretty with the purple scarf.


  8. Thank you sweetheart! My own fairytle!

  9. That is a gorgeous abaya!


  10. Isn't it shaharazad? Thank you for your comment :)


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