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Monday, June 10, 2013

The lovely Nafiza over at Lifestyle of a Furiously Fab Muslim has started a new and dare I say fabulous new business making gorgeous luxurious hijab accessories and jewellery. I was lucky enough to be sent a handful of the stunning gems to review and introduce to you all.
My first impressions when I opened the cute polka dot box was wow! Talk about attention to detail! Each piece was meticulously packaged in individually ribboned boxes, and each piece was nestled on a cushion of satin. I definitely appreciate good packaging and it makes the whole transaction all the more special.

After admiring the little boxes and oohing and aaahhing over it all I opened them hungry to hold them as I could tell they were top quality.
Boy was I right! Heavy to hold, each piece is made up of the best elements such as glass and crystals.
Since The Sultaness is influenced partly by Turkish culture I decided to take some shots over a Turkish kilim rug to give them an Ottoman vibe.
Item names in order of the pictures below:
1. Hey Beautiful hijab pin
2. True Connection rings
3. Gulistan ring in dark teal
4. Midnight hijab pin
5. Sandstone hijab pin

The Sultaness will be launching in NYC with Inglot the makeup company! Can you believe it? Inglot is huge here in Australia so that is a BIG deal mashallah!

Make sure you go and check out her blog Lifestyle of a Furiously Fab Muslim.
To see more of her awesome designs and to purchase go to her FB page here.
The Sultaness website will be launching on the 29/6/2012 inshallah and you can subscribe via email by clicking here.


  1. Oh my gosh love them! Come and visit my blog

  2. These are really something hijab revival. Prices?

  3. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! What a wonderful idea.

  4. Anon: prices will be up on their website inshallah not really sure of the prices of these. Thanks for commenting

  5. Muslimah delights: aren't they just? Loved them!


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