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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I was sent another gorgeous abaya from the fantastic The Abaya Company (click here to view my last review). This time I chose something completely out of my usual taste as I normally go for neutral or plain abayas but I was reassured by the CEO of this company that this abaya was in fact her favourite so naturally I felt like a superstar!

This bright beauty is called Green with Envy, and you can clearly see why!
Made of gorgeous velvety nada, the green panel at the top is made of pure silk. It comes with a matching shayla (as seen on the bag)
This piece is can be made to order in everyway possible. You can request a different colour silk for the panel at the top, you can request it to be an open abaya, you can change the neck to a V neck style, even the amount of laser cut design can be altered to whatever you want! Basically you can request a completely unique abaya for your taste and of course the pricing may vary accordingly.
I wore the stunning abaya with a MyBatua plain black square hijab in a shiny finish matched the abaya fabric perfectly.

The abaya is not see through and is made of such a good quality fabric that it does not sit on you but glides around you.

Stunning shimmering silk feels so luxurious and divine on the skin!

As you can see there is plenty of room in this modest abaya. It will glide around you like a dream!

I don't know why but I prefer wearing the matching shayla as an accessory rather then on my head - I feel too matchy matchy as I guess I am not used to it. But I have tried it before and it can look great!

Make sure you visit The Abaya Company on FB! Like I mentioned above you can completely customise your abaya so make sure you drop them a line and start chatting!


  1. What a beautiful abaya mashallah!

  2. Love the abaya, that green colour is georgeous!

  3. Hello.. what a beautiful abaya and blog! I have just recently made a blog and hope you would visit it and have a look :)

  4. masha Allah nice choice!
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  5. Salam just thouht i woul tell you because of your review i went on and purchased the same abbaya from The Abaya Company which i have wrote a review on my blog and also made a video.

    I have linked back to your post as a point of reference.


    The Sewist aka Mayya

  6. where and how I can buy this green abaya. Thanks

  7. where can i buy this green abaya.Thanks.


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