Get Charitable with Haute Hijab ~ I <3 Hijab

Monday, June 24, 2013

The gorgeous Melanie from Haute Hijab has just recently launched a new campaign on her website selling I <3 Hijab T-shirts and all profits will go to charity inshallah. How awesome is that? Not only has she released her new designs (click here to view her stunning new collection) but this multi talented entrepreneur has also decided to give back to the Muslim community mashallah.

The T-shirt is short sleeved white cotton with the gorgeous logo and heart in bright red. It is so cute and sends the right message. All that and all for a great cause? Hijab Revival says YES PLEASE!


  1. That`s great!
    Really cute t-shirt.


    Last time i changed my blogname ;-)

  2. Thanks gorgeous and I love your new blog name!


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