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Friday, June 28, 2013

Working as a blogger I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people from all over the world and for that I feel blessed Alhumdulillah. One person I feel truly blessed to have met is the beautiful soul Annah the up and coming designer of the elegant and modest clothing line Annah Hariri. Her designs are strategically created to give the best coverage and demure look for young Muslimah.
I am over the moon to be chosen to review one of her gorgeous designs and inshallah I can do it justice. 
I usually choose review items based in my favourite colour black (most Melbournians love and wear this colour) but I have realised it can get pretty boring and monotonous. So having said that I took a leap of faith and chose a colour completely out of my comfort zone. I was banking on the dress quality and superior design to get me through it - and I was absolutely right!
The cream dress is made of a thick jersey fabric so there is zero chance of it looking flimsy and sticky. The dress features wide pleats both on the front and back of the skirt of the dress which ensures it does not sit on you in an unbecoming way. Like I said above it is a superior design.

I styled the dress with my Veronika Maine maroon leather clutch, Antik Batik tassel belt, Target maroon cotton hijab, vintage shawl, Witchery nude and silver shoes, The Sultaness teal ring, Pandora pearl ring and an assortment if gold and silver jewellery. 

You can dress it up with whatever colour or genre you like. You can keep it classy with either black or neutral accessories or go completely wild with a pop of fluorescent yellow shoes or clutch. The possibilities are endless.

This dress will be a staple in my wardrobe for the coming Aussie spring/summer. I can see myself wearing this with flats for a coffee session with friends or change it up for heels and a cute bag for dinner and laughs.

I actually ordered a clutch specifically for this review but alas it has still not arrived and I could not wait any longer to write this review! Grrr made me angry but also gave me inspiration for the styling of the dress.

Make sure you visit Annah Hariri to view some of her other stunning designs (she is about to launch her tutu skirt range! Eeek so excited!!) Or visit her Instagram Or her FB page here


  1. selamınaleyküm her zamanki gibi yine çok zarifsin resimlerine bakarken yan taraftaki rekalamlar dikkatimi çekti ınayah adlı bir site var oradan bir kıyafeti çok beğendim sanırım dolar üzerinden satılıyor daha önce hiç yurt dışından alış veriş yapmadım getirtmek istesem nasıl olur bir bilgin varmı?ingilizcede bilmiyorum

  2. I love that dress! it's so so beautiful :) And I like the colour of your scarf too :)

    Thanks for this review


  3. Ohhh verrrryy nice styling of this elegant dress mashallah! Love the whole look

  4. Mervecim cok sagol canim! Inayaha guvenebilirsin onlar Butun dunya capinda satiyorlar

  5. So classy! Love the cut of the dress and how you styled it.

  6. This dress is so elegant and modest and you styled it perfectly, very beautiful

  7. Sami thank you for your gorgeous words!!

  8. Alia thank you so much! It means a lot coming from a chic woman such as yourself :):)

  9. Salaams sister, i wish to know which size u opted for this dress? coz im nearly ur size...N is it modest enuf to wear it for umrah with a long Khimar?


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